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lady in purple kimono holding Japanese style umbrella


     When Is Your Site Going To Be Ready!?
- We apologize for your inconvenience. We want this site up and going as much as you do, so come back and check us!
     How Do I Place An Order?​


- Most likely items will be available on eBay first, then here on this site. (Sorry, working on back-end issues)


- We will have our site running at full speed ASAP, so purchases can be made here.


- Currently there is only one item showing under "Products", but we will have more styles on its way!W


     Payment Method - How Do We Pay?


- As for now, Paypal will be the only method of payment, since most of all orders will be overseas and Paypal is much easier for everyone. We are not planning on accepting credit card payment at this time.



     What's EMS? Are They Reliable?


- EMS Japan is a service carried out by Japan Postal Service (partially government-owned) and from my past experience, they are the most reliable option especially for international shipment.


- They offer international tracking number and warranty up to (roughly) 200USD for packages lost during shipping (able to cover more for additional fee). It is not the cheapest option but definitely worth the extra few bucks, because we all know that last thing we don't want is goods not showing up at the doorstep!


- Not sure if area in your country is covered? Check here for COVERAGE AREA.


- Need to see how much shipping might cost? Check here for GENERAL SHIPPING RATE.


- Want to know how much is covered? Check here for details on WARRANTY provided by EMS.


     How Come All Of The Hijabs Are Sewn In The Middle?


- Material for Yukata are manufactured in "rolls" (about 37cm x 1200cm), and this is a industry standard for basically all Yukata fabric. As for this, there is nothing we can do about it. So in order to compensate for the width of hijab, two piece of Yukata fabric is sewn in the middle. High quality thread is used, and colors are matched so it will not stand out as it may sound.


     OK I Get It. So How Is The Quality Of These Hijabs?


- Overcast stitching are done in the middle to prevent the fabric from unraveling after long use. It also keep the fabric in tact to prevent discomfort.


- Ends are folded before the stitching is done to maintain smooth edge.


- Handcrafted by specialists with over 30 years of experience. They have strong confidence in their skills.


     Wait, So Since It Says Japan, Can I Contact You In Japanese?


- Sure! Either in English or Japanese is OK. Don't worry if neither is your native language, things can be worked out.









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