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why Hijab JAPAN?

It is common for many people to think that all kimono are made from a thick piece of fabric. We offer hijab / headscarves made from materials that are used to make Japanese "Yukata" summer kimono.

Japanese summer festival with women in yukata summer kimono
taken from the back, two girls wearing yukata summer kimono

Not only we want people to stay comfortable, we want people to experience that

"TRADITION and MODERN can co-exist."

Modesty has been part of Japanese culture and as a result, kimono is one form of  expression they have pursued and refined for over centuries. To this date, Yukata is still widely favored by men and women of all ages.

Our goal is to help individuals who want to express themselves in a unique way but with modesty. To provide a "choice" that reflects you.

girl smiling in pink kimono with purple obi
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